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Examples of the results Executive Performance Group can facilitate via our services

When you invest in your business, you want optimal results. Examples of the results Executive Performance Group can facilitate:




Management and Boardroom Performance

Executive Performance Group helps everyone in the boardroom - Chair, Directors, CEO, executive teams, employees, trusted advisors, investors and other stakeholders strengthen their performance so the organization will prosper and everyone fulfills their fiduciary and leadership responsibilities.

Strategic Planning and implementation

Strategic Planning is the critical start-point for every major business or life decision, focusing on WHERE you’re headed, WHAT you intend to do when you get there, and HOW to do so. Our process efficiently and effectively serves Entrepreneurs launching a new business, Owners & Executives of developing successful or troubled businesses, Individuals and Families needing realignment or exit strategies, Not-for-Profit organizations, and Professional Service Firms, nationwide.

Digital Strategies and Internet Marketing

Business and Digital strategies development for media/entertainment and healthcare/education and other business verticals. Traffic generation, technology IP, content creation for web video, social media and mobile web marketing companies. Internet marketing for digital media with experience in traditional media/entertainment, new media, broadband channels, SEOP, lead generation, social networking, digital signage, event and data based marketing. OVP, OTT, DRTV, content, advertising, e-commerce and even retailing solutions for brand marketers are part of our competencies.

Operations Performance

Development of the businesses "endgame"- whether to improve performance, sell the company, or buy another. Identifying, evaluating, and delivering the strategies and tactics that maximize operating performance and enterprise value.

Proprietary Database Tactical Analysis/Dashboards

Executive Performance Group has developed Proprietary customisable processes that adjust, along with your business, to provide customers with a clear tactical view of data, through easy actionable executive dashboards.

Capital Raise

Funding evaluations and optimal positioning for Introductions to sources of equity and debt is critical to achieve the best deal opportunities and on the best possible terms. We provide Review and/or Creation of Exec summary, PPM and offering docs, memo's, LOI's contracts, Equity vs. Debt Valuation.

Wealth Management Strategies

We work with closely held business owners and other high net worth individuals to develop exit strategies, wealth preservation and wealth transfer strategies, estate tax mitigation and liquidity planning, utilizing trusts, agreements, insurance and other planning techniques to effectively maximize the goals and objectives while minimizing the issues, pain and cost.

Accountability Management

Even the most brilliant strategy, if not effectively executed, is worthless. It is the efficiency of execution that determines the degree of profitability, and all business strategies must be executed through people. Thus, holding people accountable to the strategy is essential to the success of any business. A propriety "Critical Factors Management System" is a system which ensures that every employee does substantially what is required for the company to achieve optimal productivity and profitability, by providing systematic execution of the business strategy. The system is customisable to the requirements of any company of any size in any industry.